Detail Cleaning Services

There are times in life when cleaning tasks are so overwhelming that we simply ignore the problem. Have you ever done that? An occasional detailed job is part of a healthy maintenance plan for your home.

Push the “reset” button

Some of our clients get used to the dust, dirt, pollen and grime building up in their home and eventually stop seeing it. Others have a loved one living alone who could simply use an extra pair of hands to start fresh and get the home cleaned up.

If this sounds like you, give us a call! Just like you detail your car, our professional cleaning crew will detail your home. Every room, every surface – we’ll get it back to a clean slate.

Examples from our detailed cleaning checklist:

  • Wipe all hanging light fixtures, ceiling fans (if accessible) and vents
  • Dust lampshades and items on furniture
  • Clean all glass and mirrors
  • Wipe and/or vacuum the furniture
  • Vacuum and wash all hard-surface flooring
  • Dust and/or vacuum the curtains, valances and window treatments
  • Vacuum, edge and groom all rugs and carpets
  • Scrub and clean all sinks, tubs, showers and toilets
  • Wipe down all doors, knobs, handles, door frames, lightswitch plates

A clean home is a happy home

When your home is clean, you can relax. You can breathe better – especially with the dust mites cleared out. So if you can’t remember the last time you really had the house cleaned, now’s probably a good time to do it. Call the professional cleaning experts at AP Cleaning & Packing to help you rest easy this weekend.